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Personal Care Products Can Lead To Cancer

Our skin is a two way membrane. During perspiration toxins are eliminated from our body through it. Recently scientists have found that some chemicals when applied to the skin can penetrate the body and be absorbed by the body in significant amounts. Many personal care products contain chemicals which are considered hazardous by EPA. National Institute of Occupational safety and health found 884 chemicals used in personal care products and cosmetics are known to be toxins. The numbers of products used by adults and children that contain potent carcinogens are very high. It was reported recently that 500 dangerous chemicals have been found on a single fat cell in a healthy looking British woman. Another report was of 350 man made chemicals and residues used in personal care products found in breast milk.

Ammonia derivative DEA-Diethanolamine,TEA- Triethanolamine and MEA-Monoethanolamine when combined with products containing preservative nitrates form notrosamines which are carcinogenic. FDA urged the companies to remove them from shelves but even now almost 37% if products tested contained nitrosamines.

If Alcohol content in mouthwash rises to more than 25% it is known to cause mouth, tongue and throat ulcer.

FD&C or D&C color pigments are from coal tar and are carcinogenic.

Mineral oil made from petroleum ingredient found in baby oil and skin care can hinder skin respiration and can age skin prematurely. Baby oil is almost 100% mineral oil.

Phthalates exposure through hair mousse and hair spray can cause genital abnormality. It can be absorbed into the body through skin and also through inhalation.

Propylene glycol used in hair conditioners deodorants cosmetics baby products body lotions skin care and tooth pastes and even added to human and pet food can cause eye irritation, skin irritation, headaches and nausea.

Scientist recently found paraben in breast cancer tissue. It is used as a preservative and is considered to increase oestrogen levels in women and can drive the growth of breast tumors.

Methylisothiazolinone -M.I.T found in anti microbial soap, shampoo and other personal care products can cause nerve damage. It is chemically identical to Agent Orange used in Vietnam War.

SLS- Sodium laureth sulphate found in shampoos, toothpaste, gels, and cleaners used as a foaming agent can cause permanent impairment of eyes and corrodes hair follicles and impairs the ability to grow hair.

These are some of the harmful chemicals added to our personal care products. There are much more chemicals added to these products and scientists are discovering more chemicals to be harmful. Even many of the so called natural and organic products have these harmful chemicals added to them. Try to use chemical free and organic products.

Anita Cherry is a health enthusiast who offers informative tips on health. For more information about Network marketing and chemical free certified organic products and health information visit

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